Canberra Chess Club

Tournament Rules

Laws of Chess

Games will be played in accordance with the rules of chess as specified by the World Chess Federation (FIDE). These rules may be found here or here.


Spectators are very welcome, though are asked to switch their mobile phones off and to make as little noise as possible when observing games.  

All Tournaments

Joining a Tournament

Players may join a tournament at any time (subject to payment of tournament fees). 

Eating at the Board

Players may not eat at the board. 

Electronic Equipment

Players may not use electronic media devices (including smart phones and media players) at the board.

Mobile Phones

If a player's mobile phone makes any noise during the course of a game, the player will be given a warning. If the player's mobile phone makes any further noise during the course of the same evening, the player will forfeit the game being played.

Winning on Time

A player must claim a win on time (by indicating to his or her opponent that they have run out of time). The DOP will not intervene to indicate that a player's clock has reached zero.


Long Time Control Tournaments

Long time control tournaments are those where the time control is 90 minutes + 30 seconds per move.

Time Control for Juniors 

Juniors (those under 18 at the start of tournament) may opt to play a time control of 90 minutes + 30 seconds or 60 minutes + 10 seconds for the tournament. Once a time control has been chosen for a tournament, all games for the junior for that tournament will be played at that time control.

Missed Rounds

Players may miss rounds with the agreement of the Director of Play (DOP):

  • A player will be awarded a bye for any missed round, provided the DOP receives the  bye request prior to 24 hours before the scheduled start time of the round. If the bye request is received within 24 hours of the scheduled start time of the round, the DOP may optionally award a bye or declare a forfeit.
  • A player will receive up to two 1/2 point byes during a tournament. Any further byes will be 0 point byes.
  • A bye in the second last or last round will be a 0 point bye.

Forced Byes

If there is an an odd number of players in a round of a long time control tournament, the Director of Play will allocate a one point bye to the lowest player on the tournament cross table provided that player:

  • is not a junior (ie not under 18 at the start of tournament), and
  • is not a new player (ie has played 10 or more long time control games at the club), and
  • has not already been allocated a forced bye in the calendar year.

Late Arrivals

The scheduled start time for games is 7.00 pm. Players who are in the draw and have not arrived by the scheduled start time and have not advised the Director of Play they will be late will be removed from the draw.


Page last updated 22 June 2017